Uncomfortable Home?

Four Reasons Why Your Home May be Uncomfortable

uncomfortable-homeIf you asked a number of people to define a comfortable home they might say; a place with nice furniture, a place that is warm and dry, a place that has a lot of space. When we get a call from a customer who says their home is uncomfortable it usually means they are having problems controlling temperatures, humidity, or they may have allergy problems within the home. Many Woodlands area homes have inefficient systems and even the ones with newer air conditioners most likely have poorly designed duct work.

1. Undersized or Oversized Furnace or Air Conditioner
When someone designed your home, part of the design included the heating and cooling system. As with most homes, yours may have been modified since original design. Or, if your home is new, the comfort system design may not be adequate for the home you are in. ECC can evaluate the comfort and performance of your system based on the way your home is now. This includes any design changes, new insulation, windows, the addition of furniture, draperies, carpets and the hundreds of other items that can affect the way your comfort system performs.
For example if it cycles on and off constantly, chances are it’s oversized. If your cooling system just won’t cool your house down on the warmest days, there’s a good chance it’s undersized, or wasn’t installed correctly. If it cycles on and off constantly and doesn’t seem to pull the humidity out, it’s likely oversized. This condition wastes a great deal of energy and causes unnecessary wear and tear on your equipment.

2. Incorrect Duct Systemincorrect duct sytstem - ducts

Most homes have a heating and cooling system that was designed for ideal scenarios. Unfortunately most homes are never ideal and often the air delivery systems do not work the way they were
designed. In some cases, a duct system may be installed improperly or was damaged at some point. Hot or cold room could be a sign of poor duct work. This usually results in an uncomfortable home. Testing has shown that up to 70% of homes have inadequate duct work. Our technicians can check the airflow and evaluate if your system is delivering the correct amount for the size of each room in your home.

3. Poor Air Quality
The funny thing about air quality is that you can’t always smell it, but you can often feel it, and it can be a major contributor to discomfort in the home. Poor air quality can be anything from excess humidity in the air to bacteria and mold spores or even gasses emitting from your furnace or air conditioner. We have a variety of methods to check your home’s air quality and report back to you. Some problems may be a minor nuisance and others issues such as C02 could be life threatening.

4. Home Ventilation and Pressure
Even when you’re not home, there are a variety of physical activities taking place that you can’t see. Your home is a living and breathing entity with constant air movement – even when the cooling or heating system is off. The degree to which your home is sealed up or unsealed affects pressures that determine the way air travels throughout the home. This pressure can be controlled through proper venting and ducting depending on what is required. These issues are further compounded when your duct system is leaking. A 30% return duct leak on a hot or cold day can decrease your heating or cooling capacity more than 50%. Air balancing can help correct these imbalances. This process should be performed by technicians who are trained and have the right instruments to measure and adjust the air in your home.