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For the best in control for your in-home comfort in The Woodlands, consider a home zoning solution from Efficient Climate Control Air Conditioning. A majority of homes in The Woodlands are two stories with a single air conditioner. With a “Home Zoning” solution you can save money and increase comfort levels at the same time. American Standard Platimum ZM two stage units are a great match with zoning.

ac-zoningAdvantages of Zoned Systems is it is much easier to keep everyone in the home comfortable, while cutting energy costs by being able to turn thermostats up or down as needed. Being able to control the temperature of each zone from a single unit replaces the need for separate units in a home. If zoning will not work a mini split system could be the answer. Closing AC outlets only creates problems, decrease unit life, and can cost you more money in operating cost. Efficient Climate Control Air Conditioning has years of experience in providing the best in service for your home comfort needs. Read about our satisfaction guaranteed service, and from our other happy customers.

These are some of the considerations that have to be accounted for before a zoned HVAC system can be installed.

There are a few disadvantages as well. Initial cost for a zoned HVAC system may be higher than a normal system installation. Ductwork may have to be changed or enlarged to allow greater air flow, and zoning from a single system is not possible in some homes or businesses, because there is not enough room for the larger ductwork. Technicians that install these systems have to be very knowledgeable and up to date on them, and not all technicians can install such a sophisticated system, let alone service it. One more drawback to a zoned HVAC system is the fact that not all HVAC systems can support them. This is why we recommend American Standard ZM two stage air conditioning systems. It is best to have your current system inspected by a technician well-versed in these systems to determine if yours is the right one for zoned heating and air.

1. Home Zoning Experts

Zoned Air Conditioning is simple in concept but the installation needs to be performed by professionals to get the best results. We will plan the home zoning solution around your system, lifestyle and home comfort needs. When all set up you’ll be able to set the temperature to your comfort in different zones of the home, or have some areas cooled more than others.

2. Save Money

A zoned system can save you up to 25% on energy bills. It makes sense to have a system that cools only the areas that are occupied and not to waste money by cooling the whole house. You wouldn’t keep every light on in your house, and home zoning works on the same principle.

3. Eliminate Hot Spots

With home zoning you can provide cooling to specific zones, especially two story homes, eliminating any hot spots a centralized system does not reach.

4. Fully Licensed and Insured

Efficient Climate Control Air Conditioning is fully licensed and insured for all your air conditioning needs. Our technicians are trained to the highest standard, including to NATE-certification.

5. Written Warranties

All of Efficient Climate Control Air Conditioning’s installations are backed by a written warranty for your peace of mind.

6. Professional and Friendly

Efficient Climate Control Air Conditioning’s team of expert technicians are professionally attired and will treat your home with the respect it deserves. We use work mats and shoe covers to keep work areas clean, and will tidy up when work is complete.

7. Free Estimates on New Home Zoning Systems

Contact Efficient Climate Control Air Conditioning for a free no obligation estimate on your new installation.

For information and advice on choosing a zoning system that is right for your home call us, Efficient Climate Control serving The Woodlands, Oak Ridge, Spring, Imperial Oaks, and surrounding areas.

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