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Mini Split Air Conditioner

What is a Ductless System or Mini Split Air Conditioner?


A ductless system is an air conditioning unit that is connected to an outside condensing unit through a refrigerant line. The units mount on interior walls or in a ceiling if space allows. These ductless systems stay cool and clean all year round. They are an option besides a regular air conditioning unit, but are just as effective with small homes. Even better, a ductless system will save you a lot of money on your energy bills. These systems have been installed in Europe and other countries for years due to space constraints and lifestyle. Also known as mini-split air conditioners, these machines are some of the quietest and have some of the highest SEER energy efficiencies compared to standard AC systems. These can benefit homes that are not equipped with duct work, used for garages, workshops, sunrooms, or rooms that just do not cool. We carry Mitsubishi, Diakin, Heat Contoller, and other leading brands.

For all your quality ductless air conditioning needs in The Woodlands, speak with the ductless experts at EFFICIENT CLIMATE CONTROL AIR Conditioning. We are fully qualified, licensed and experienced to install and maintain your ductless air conditioning, with years of experience in The Woodlands. You can read feedback from our previously delighted customers, and about our service level guarantee.

THE WOODLANDS DUCTLESS AIR CONDITIONING: Ductless air conditioning systems are energy-saving solutions that allow you to zone in on specific areas that need to be cooled without having to have ducts installed – which can be ideal for spot cooling or older homes where ducting is not suitable. Often referred to as “Mini-splits”, the compressors can operate efficiently and quietly.

1. The Best Ductless Systems

EFFICIENT CLIMATE CONTROL Air Conditioning can offer you the leading brands in the ductless air conditioning market including American Standard. We also provide help and guidance to help you select the right system for your individual needs. We can install models which feature wireless remote control, quieter operation, soft operation and features to also help improve your indoor air quality.

2. Professional Installations

A professional installation from EFFICIENT CLIMATE CONTROL Air Conditioning can help ensure your ductless system is functioning at optimum levels. We can also provide expert advice on correct placement to ensure maximum effectiveness and to help lower your running costs.

3. Single Zone or Multi-Zone

One of the many advantages of a ductless system is that it can be directly installed in the areas which need cooling. EFFICIENT CLIMATE CONTROL AIR Conditioning offer solutions which cool single zones, or even multiple zones and rooms from a single outdoor unit. Not having to cool areas which are unoccupied can improve efficiency by up to 25%.

4. Both Cooling and Heating

Reverse cycle heat pump systems can both cool and heat your home.

5. Free Estimates on New Systems

EFFICIENT CLIMATE CONTROL Air Conditioning provides no obligation, free estimates on new air conditioning systems.

6. Professional Service

EFFICIENT CLIMATE CONTROL AIR Conditioning is fully qualified and licensed and all our professional technicians will treat your home or business with the respect it deserves. If you have any questions about the work being performed, our professionally attired and friendly experts will be glad to answer them and help in any way they can.

For information and advice on choosing a ductless air conditioning system that is right for your home call us, Efficient Climate Control serving The Woodlands, Oak Ridge, Spring, Imperial Oaks, and surrounding areas.

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