Why You Regularly Need to Change Your Air Filters

Cleaning and regularly changing the air filters in your home has numerous benefits. Checking the air filter’s status on a regular basis — especially during spring and winter — will help your air conditioner work more effectively. Below are some other benefits of changing the air filter regularly. 

Changing Air Filters

To establish how often you ought to change your filter, verify the recommendations by the manufacturer. High-efficacy filters serve for a considerably more extended period before being replaced. On the contrary, a standard low-efficacy filter will need to be replaced more often within a short period of use. Other factors that can aggravate the need to change your air filter include;

  • The overall indoor air quality
  • The number of pets you keep in your home
  • The type of air filter you have
  • The level of air pollution and degree of construction around your vicinity
  • The number of people staying in the home

Why It Is Imperative to Regularly Change Your Air Filter?

  • Protect the environment — A clogged air filter is merely a strained HVAC system, which results in the liberation of large amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. It is notable that a simple activity as regularly changing an air filter can go a long way in creating a remarkable difference in environmental protection.
  • Save money — A dirty air filter is more expensive to operate than a clean, new air filter, for the simple reason that a dirty air filter consumes more energy. This culminates in a higher electricity bill. With a clean air filter in proper working condition through consistent maintenance, you could save approximately 15% on utility costs.
  • Prevent damage to your HVAC system — An air filter with clogs can cause substantial, undesirable damage to your HVAC system. You can extend the longevity of your device through averting early damage by keeping an up-to-date check on your filter`s condition. The chief cause of heating and cooling system malfunctions is neglect. Regular maintenance can successfully avert failures.
  • Create clean, healthy air — More beneficial, fresher and cleaner air is a result of regular changing of your home’s filter. This brings a conducive environment for everyone in the family, particularly to those who might suffer from asthma or allergies.

Consequences of Not Changing Air Filters

  • Spending money on energy costs without seeing the benefits — It does not matter the flow rate of the air; your HVAC system is either operating or not operating. A dirty filter will change air temperature in negligible amounts while consuming larger amounts of energy.
  • Your air conditioning runs longer, gets clogged and fails — The longer the molecules take in air, the more likely they will accumulate inside the unit, block air and bring damage.
  • The air in the rooms becomes stagnant — The air stagnates, resulting in moisture, odors and dust resting on surfaces and other places you can’t see. Wiping surfaces is a daunting task, especially with the use of a chemical spray.

Other consequences include:

  • Worsening of indoor air quality
  • General wear and tear
  • Uneven cooling

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