Is it an Air Conditioner Emergency?

Is It an Air Conditioning Emergency?

The Texan summer takes a toll on most AC units, and it’s normal that your unit may break down during this period. Scheduling regular maintenance can limit the probability of a breakdown. However, in some instances, some spontaneous faults may limit your unit’s efficiency. Although some issues are simple DIY fixes, others require emergency assistance. Here are some situations where you need to call in for emergency help.

A Frozen Unit
A frozen HVAC system could imply that there is insufficient or no airflow. This can be solved by changing or cleaning the air filters. This condition is best prevented by keeping the area around your unit free of dirt and debris and replacing the air filters as recommended. Replacement of major system components — such as a faulty fan motor — are best tackled by a professional. Contact one immediately to prevent the situation from escalating and damaging your system. 

Clogged Condensate Lines
Most emergency HVAC service calls are about leaks. If not taken care of at the onset, leaks can cause extensive water damage. Most leaks are the result of clogged condensate lines. These lines are responsible for collecting the excess moisture and expelling it so that it won’t damage the system. Dirt, rust and algae could accumulate within the lines, obstructing the excess water from leaving the system and thus causing leaks. Should you identify leaks, it’s time to call a professional. 

Gas Leaks
Of all the HVAC system problems, gas leaks are the most dangerous. Your system is predisposed to gas leaks if it is running on natural gas. Leaks are caused by a disengaged or a cracked gas line. Unattended gas could result in fires or carbon monoxide poisoning. If there is an unexplained odor, it could be a sign of a gas leak. 

Electrical Problems
Should your system continuously run despite shutting it off, or if it fails to start when you switch it on, you could be dealing with an electrical fault. This is often the result of a failed system breaker, or it could mean that the thermostat is incorrectly set. Should there be no problems in either of these places, you could damaged wires or faulty cables. 

Trying to self-diagnose such a unit predisposes you to electrical shocks and other electricity-related hazards. Tinkering with your system could also void your warranty or worsen the problem. Having your HVAC system inspected at least once every year is recommended. In this way, small issues can be identified and remediated before they develop into bigger problems. Besides, fixing ventilation problems when the system is not being used enables you to carry out the necessary upgrades without interfering with your climate-control needs. 

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