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Reasons to Replace Your Furnace:

How old is your furnace?

The average life of older furnaces could be 10 years or less. Newer furnaces in homes today last between 15 and 20 years if proper maintenance has been performed on a regular basis. If your furnace is reaching or passed this age range, you should begin your search for a replacement. Consider an American Standard unit with an ENERGY STAR label.

Are your energy bills high and increasing?

High utility costs may be a symptom of an old inefficient furnace. You can reduce your utility expense by purchasing a new technology, high efficiency furnace. Savings of 20 to 30% is a real possibility. Newer high efficiency equipment also requires less maintenance, further reducing your total heating expense.

Is your furnace heat exchanger safe?

As furnaces age, the heat exchanger may become brittle and have a tendency to rust and crack. If this is the case your furnace needs to be replaced. Cracked or deteriorated heat exchangers have causedcarbon monoxide leaks in homes. Running a furnace in this condition is very dangerous and could be deadly! Replacing the entire furnace will save you more money in the long run and provide safety for your family members.

Have your furnace repairs costs increased?

Furnaces require more frequent and extensive repair as they near the end of their useful life. If your unit is old and is not working, the repair cost may not be worth it, to get it going again. Why spend hundreds of dollars on an old inefficient unit, which is already costing you more to operate. The unit will need replaced in the near future. ECC will inspect your furnace and give you options regarding the best way to proceed.

Is your furnace heating your home evenly and safely?

A new high efficiency furnace will go a long way in correcting this problem. Our technicians will inspect installation and your duct system to ensure that it is not leaking and is providing the proper air flow. Many furnaces are not installed to current codes. Venting systems can leak carbon monoxide into the attic, overheat roof decking, and improperly installed gas lines can create very dangerous leaks. Thorough evaluation of an entire system will enable you to achieve improved comfort, efficiency (reduced cost), reliability and a safe environment for your family.

Have you checked our specials, financing, rebates, or incentives?

Some of the newer gas furnaces will qualify for energy tax credits. In addition our manufacturer provides rebate promotions at various times of the year. So do not delay, now is the best time to replace your equipment considering the potential energy savings. ECC provides financing on all American Standard furnaces to assist you.

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