The Benefits of Buying an American Standard Air Conditioner

American Standard air conditioners may be one of the lesser known brands out there, but they also rate in the best of the best category. Although you might want to call this a best bang for the buck system, that term is a bit misleading. American Standard air conditioning offers superior quality components with industry leading warranties at a highly competitive price. Efficient Climate Control, your local American Standard air conditioner provider, will be the first to attest to this, but it gets better than that.

AccuLink from American Standard

An air conditioner gets its efficiency from the components used during manufacturing, but it can also become more efficient if it only has to cool places that need to be cooled. That’s what the AccuLink Zoning System is all about. Coupled with your air conditioner, the AccuLink controller allows precise cooling at every space in your house or home.

Traditional air conditioners send air through vents or registers without any zone controls. For example, when you turn your thermostat to a certain temperature, the air conditioning system will run until the area around the thermostat has cooled to the temperature set. Other areas in the home may be hotter or cooler, making cooling very uneven, and even the best electronic thermostats won’t solve that problem. But AccuLink will.

With zoning sensors in every room, when you set the temperature on an AccuLink thermostat, you are essentially setting the temperature for every bedroom, hallway, kitchen, living room and every space in your home. As each zoning sensor reaches the set temperature, it will begin to inhibit air conditioned air into the room where it resides. Or, if the room is in direct sunlight and is warmer than the others, the zoning sensor will allow more air-conditioned air into the room to compensate for the sun rays. AccuLink is a revolution in zone control and air conditioner efficiency, and only American Standard gives you that option.

Every American Standard air conditioner that is installed is done by a certified contractor. That assures you that the quality doesn’t stop with the components. The company states that, “American Standard, and its Customer Care Dealers have proven a commitment to excellence, product knowledge and customer service.” Even with installation, you know you are getting the best in the business. 

American Standard Offers Several Warranty Options

American Standard Air Conditioner Efficient Climate Control, The Woodlands, TX

You would expect a company like American Standard to have a top-notch warranty, and you are right. Their warranties are second to none in the business, with 5, 10, and 20 year warranties available. Better yet, you’ll also find limited lifetime warranties on some of the components, and optional extended warranties are also available. This is the best in the business, but truly, would you expect anything less from the leader in air conditioning?

Serving The Woodlands, Texas, area for over 30 years, Efficient Climate Control is The Woodlands, Texas, American Standard Air Conditioner Provider. We feature the best in A/C repair/service, with specials and financing available. You owe it to yourself to get the best and most efficient air conditioning system for those hot Texas summer days. Let us set you up with an American Standard air conditioning system that will be more efficient and more effective than your old model, and you’ll save money on your cooling bill every month.

Trusted for years, contact ECC for all your air conditioning needs.

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