5 Advantages of a Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner

ductless split ac

What is a ductless mini split air conditioner?

It’s a small, interior air conditioning unit that is connected to an outside condensing unit. The unit itself is mounted inside the home or commercial building. Ductless systems, also known as mini-splits, are often used in housing units, room additions, apartments, sunrooms, workshops or garages.

Although they are not as common as central air conditioning units, they have some benefits that make them worth considering.

Here are 5 advantages of installing ductless mini split air conditioner:

  1. They are easy to install. In order to connect the indoor and outdoor portions of the unit you only need one 3-inch hole for the small pipes to run through. There is no hassle of figuring out where the ductwork goes, no building or tearing down needed and no loss of space in your home or attic.
  2. They are great for zoning. They can have multiple indoor units in different zones that attach to the same outdoor condensing unit. Each unit has its own thermostat, so it only has to run when that particular zone needs heating or cooling.
  3. They improve the air quality. Ductless systems have filtration systems that filter allergens, germs and bacteria out of your home improving the indoor air quality and keeping you healthier.
  4. They save energy, which saves you money. According to Energy.gov, Duct losses can account for more than 30% of energy consumption. Mini splits do not have ductwork, so there is no loss of energy. Their ability to zone helps you save on electricity as well.
  5. They lower your carbon footprint. Ductless systems are very energy efficient. Not only do they follow the ENERGY STAR guidelines, but they use a more environmentally friendly refrigerant known as R-410A. Chlorine, a main component in the most used refrigerants, is believed to deplete the ozone layer. R-410A is chlorine free so it will not affect the ozone.

Ductless mini split air conditioning systems may not be the right choice for everyone. You should schedule a free consultation and discuss your best options with a professional.

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