How to Improve your A/C’s Performance During the Summertime

The hot days of summer put your air conditioner to the test, straining its capabilities and making it work its hardest. However, improving your A/C unit’s performance is possible while saving energy and reducing your utility bills at the same time. The following four tips can help you achieve efficient climate control with your air conditioner this summer. 

Change Your A/C Unit’s Air Filter

Over time, your air conditioner’s filter collects dirt, dust and grime; this layer of debris lowers airflow, worsens your home’s air quality and generally makes your A/C unit work harder. Besides reducing its cooling capabilities, this extra strain on your air conditioner can shorten its lifespan. How often you’ll need to change your filter will depend on your specific unit. ac blowing warm air

Take Advantage of Shade

Protecting your air conditioner’s outdoor unit from direct sunlight can help boost its efficiency by as much as 10 percent. If your unit is currently exposed to the sun’s rays, you can create your own shade by building a wall or ventilated enclosure.

Patch Any Leaks Around Your Home

Holes and cracks throughout your home that let cool air escape make your air conditioner work harder and reduce its ability to cool effectively. Take a look around your windows and examine your exterior walls for leaks; sealing with caulk or insulation can make a big difference.

Clean Your Air Conditioner’s Condenser

Your air conditioner’s condenser will collect dirt, lawn clippings, twigs and other debris over time, reducing the unit’s efficiency. Make sure to clean your A/C condenser at least twice a year, including at the beginning of summer.

Unsure that you’ve done all that you can to maximize your air conditioner’s efficiency and performance during the hottest months of the year? The professionals at Efficient Climate Control can help. Contact us today to schedule service.

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