Why Are HVAC Tune Ups Necessary?

AC MaintenanceMany people wonder if HVAC tune ups are truly necessary. If your unit seems to be running fine, why schedule a professional inspection?

Your HVAC system is similar to your car in terms of preventative maintenance. If you take care of it and schedule regular tune-ups it will run longer and more efficiently.  A little care along the way prevents unexpected breakdowns or problems.

Just as you wouldn’t want to be stranded on the side of the road, you don’t want to unexpectedly be stuck in a hot house with relatives coming for Labor Day weekend (because, let’s face it, don’t things always seem to break at the most inopportune time?!).

Your HVAC system is a large investment, so preventative maintenance is crucial to keeping it running efficiently and longer. Here are some reasons to schedule regular HVAC tune-ups:

Prevents Unexpected Problems – Regular tune-ups can highlight any potential issues early, allowing you to take care of them before it is too late.

Increases Health of People Living in Home – Clean filters promote better air quality, especially important for those with allergies or asthma.

Safety – In the event of a heating system, tune-ups will confirm that the heat exchanger is working properly and ensure no harmful gases are leaking into your home.

Increases Life Span of Your Unit – Preventative maintenance extends the life of your unit.

Increased Efficiency = Decreased Energy Cost – Regular tune-ups help your system run efficiently, which can lead to decreased energy bills and cost savings.

HVAC systems are a major investment and should be properly maintained in order for optimal performance.  For questions regarding your HVAC system, or to schedule an AC tune up contact Efficient Climate Control today.


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